Monthly Archives: July 2013

Signals July 29 2013

Short position in YG (Gold) was closed on Friday at our immediate target of 1,215 for a +17.5 point gain. The position was entered on 7/25/13 at 1,232.5. We are still looking for short positions in ES (S&P 500) and QM (Crude Oil) to trigger. However, with the FOMC policy announcement to be released on Wednesday prices will […]



Signals July 26 2013

We were filled on our Gold (YG) short at 1,332.50 on Thursday. The August contract is now trading at 1,324 as of early Friday morning. Our protective trailing stop is currently placed at 1,335.00 but we may slide the stop down to breakeven at 1332.50 as the trade develops. We barely missed our sell limit in the ES September contract […]

Signals July 24 2013

Here we go… ES triggered short on 7/24 and we will open a new short on a bounce to 1,690.5. Gold also triggered short on 7/24 and we will open a new short on a bounce to 1,332.50. Please remember to manage stops if triggered. We are also looking for long positions to trigger in Corn and Wheat. Click on the image below for […]