Monthly Archives: August 2013

Signals August 29 2013

With no resolution in Syria and signs that it is only a matter of time before bombs start to fly we are keeping trades close to the hip. We have no active signals currently. It feels like equities want to bounce higher and our signals are flirting with short term bullish. If we enter a […]

Robert Shiller: Risk of Weakening Housing Market

With the Case-Shiller 20-City housing price index up double-digits for the 4th straight month, Robert Shiller has some choice words for CNBC viewers about the housing recovery. “Housing is a market with momentum,” he notes, “and right now, the momentum is up;” but he adds that while house prices are recovering, he remains much less opportunistic about […]


Signals August 27 2013

We closed one short NQU3 contract at 3124.00 on 8/26 and one short contract at 3093.50 this morning (8/27). We entered the trade on 8/22 & 8/26 respectively. One contract was a -17.50 point loss and one contract was a +46.50 point gain for net gain of +29 points. For today equities gapped significantly lower and find themselves at […]

Intraday Signal Update 8/26/13

Action: Close 1 short NQU3 contract at 1324.00 on the liquidation break. We’re keeping 1 contract open. We sold short 1 NQU3 contract on 8/22 @ 3106.50 and another at 3140.00 on 8/26 (average price of 3123.25). The first contract will be booked for a -17.5 point loss. The second contract currently has a gain of […]

Syria Situation Escalating

Today’s market weakness came out of nowhere and is being attributed to speculation that US Secretary of State John Kerry’s strongly worded statement on Syria could be setting the table for a military strike in the next few days. John Kerry: “It is undeniable that there was a chemical attack on civilians in Syria last […]