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Signals October 31 2013

The equity markets look exhausted and ready to rollover for at least a pullback. We’ve made some decent short trades this week and with the FOMC policy announcement out of the way I’m not sure what holds this market up. Volume has decreased as prices have ripped higher over the past three weeks (Click Here […]


Alert 10/30/13

Action: We are out of our short ESZ3 contracts at 1762.50. We’ll take the gain on these positions and remove the risk ahead of the FOMC announcement at 1pm CST. I will post commentary about market conditions on the blog shortly.

Alert 10/29/13

Action: Sell short to open ESZ3 at 1763.50. First target is 1758.50, or possibly lower if conditions deteriorate. Updates will be posted on this page. Update 9:08am CST: Buy to close 1 ESZ3 at 1760 which leaves one short contract open. Targeting 1754.50 or possibly lower.

Alert 10/28/13

Action: Sell short to open ESZ3 at 1756.50. Our signals indicate a pullback is likely due to extreme short term overbought conditions. Take advantage of the opportunity. 1750 is the initial target and where we will start to place stops or take profits. We’ll publish an updated signal table by end of day/Tues morning.


Signals October 25 2013

We’ve closed several good trades this week and are stalking entries in several markets. It’s amazing how well the markets have held up when considering all the facts. Earnings guidance is not great and considering the drag that Obamacare is going to put on the economy next year, the outlook is very foggy. I’ll be posting […]