Monthly Archives: November 2013

Holiday Schedule

I wanted to take a quick moment to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Also, please be advised that there will be no posts made to the site until next week… December 2nd.  We have no positions opened and will wait until the shortened trading week passes before initiating new positions.

Alert 11/18/13 (2)

Action: 1) Buy to close one ESZ3 contract at 1790 and place another Buy to close at 1786.50, and 2) Buy to close one NQZ3 contract at 3384.50. After these trades we have one short ESZ3 contract open. We are holding ESZ3 and will re-evaluate conditions tomorrow.

Alert 11/13/13

Action: Cancel Sell to open ESZ3 at 1776 and move it up to 1778.50. This equates to S&P 500 cash (SPX) at 1781 and signals a level we want to short. Also, place good til cancelled Buy to close orders at 1774.25 (on ESZ3) and 3383.50 (on NQZ3) if we are filled at 3400 Sell […]

Alert 11/12/13 (2)

Action: Time to skate both ways and flip to the long side. Buy to open 1760 on Buy stop and place a sell too close order at 1764. Our short term signals point to a bounce towards the opening print of 1764. Update 1:57pm CST: Close long ESZ3 at 1763.50 and book the +3.5 point profit for […]


Signals November 12 2013

We’ve closed a few decent trades this week but are taking some heat in our long Wheat position. However, our signals suggest a near-term bottom is close to forming and professional sentiment is rising as commercial traders want to take advantage of low prices. A snapback rally could appear at any time. We are also triggered […]