Monthly Archives: February 2014

Alert 2/28/14

Action: Sell to open 1 March contract in the DJIA (YMH14) at 16,330. We are opening a short position ahead of the futures close. Equity markets plunged in mid-afternoon and recovered almost all of their losses before the closing bell and are now flashing overbought signals on a short-term basis. Considering the events in Ukraine […]

Alert 2/27/14

Action: Sell to Open 1 March contract in the Nasdaq 100 (NQH14) @ 3703.50. Overbought signals are flashing and this may turn into a swing trade. 3688 and 3665 are the initial targets, but an multi-day move down to aggressive targets of 3635 and possibly 3605 are not out of the question.

Alert 2/27214

Action: Sell to open 1 contract of May Soybeans (SK14) at 1327.50. We’ve got a short signal that triggered overbought conditions. However, the May bean contract is up over +30 points so we need to be careful the momentum doesn’t continue. Initial first target is 1419.50. If we trade down there today we’ll take the quick […]

Alert 2/26/14

Action: For Level 4 subscribers… Sell short to open 1 TSLA $295 Call with expiration date of March 21, 2014 @ $4.95. This gives us a $495 credit with TSLA trading just under $260. We will also place a GTC Buy to Close order at $2.95 and book a quick profit on a pullback in […]

-6% Down and Snapback to New Highs in a Month… Now What?

The S&P 500 started off 2014 grinding sideways and then sold off hard in late January, dropping -6% or more than -100 points in seven short trading sessions. The decline was fast and furious with the ensuing rally snapping back to new all-time highs that were printed in today’s session. The Nasdaq 100 also hit new highs but the Dow […]



Signals February 24 2014

It has been a few weeks since we published our trade signals. Instead, positions we’ve opened/closed have been posted on our Alerts page. The long and short of the current market conditions is we have largely remained on the sidelines as our signals have been neutral for some time. However, I am finally starting to see opportunities for swing trades which are outlined in […]