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-6% Down and Snapback to New Highs in a Month… Now What?

The S&P 500 started off 2014 grinding sideways and then sold off hard in late January, dropping -6% or more than -100 points in seven short trading sessions. The decline was fast and furious with the ensuing rally snapping back to new all-time highs that were printed in today’s session. The Nasdaq 100 also hit new highs but the Dow […]



Signals February 24 2014

It has been a few weeks since we published our trade signals. Instead, positions we’ve opened/closed have been posted on our Alerts page. The long and short of the current market conditions is we have largely remained on the sidelines as our signals have been neutral for some time. However, I am finally starting to see opportunities for swing trades which are outlined in […]

Alert 2/24/14 (2)

Action: Buy to close CLJ14 @ 103.01 and book the +0.24 gain (+$235 profit after commission). While it appears prices may continue lower there is international/geopolitical risk which may provide support to prices (i.e. violence in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Syria… the latter two oil producing nations). Also, we think prices could move $104.25 which would provide […]

Alert 2/24/14

Action: Sell to open 1 contract with limit orders in the following markets:   ESH14 @ 1857.50 CLJ14 @ 103.25 NQH14 @ 3705.00   If filled we will keep a tight leash on these positions with stop losses and profit targets. Equity markets have broken to new highs in the face weakening economic data over […]