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Signals March 5 2014

Equities remain overbought and the Ukraine situation over the past several days has caused an uptick in volatility in global markets. Everything from Crude Oil to Grains to Rates has experienced volatility. Most commodity markets surged higher on Monday… the grains saw Wheat gain +10% and Corn gain +8% since Friday’s close. Additionally Soybeans gained +13% in February, Crude Oil surged +3% […]



-6% Down and Snapback to New Highs in a Month… Now What?

The S&P 500 started off 2014 grinding sideways and then sold off hard in late January, dropping -6% or more than -100 points in seven short trading sessions. The decline was fast and furious with the ensuing rally snapping back to new all-time highs that were printed in today’s session. The Nasdaq 100 also hit new highs but the Dow […]