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Signals March 5 2014

Equities remain overbought and the Ukraine situation over the past several days has caused an uptick in volatility in global markets. Everything from Crude Oil to Grains to Rates has experienced volatility. Most commodity markets surged higher on Monday… the grains saw Wheat gain +10% and Corn gain +8% since Friday’s close. Additionally Soybeans gained +13% in February, Crude Oil surged +3% […]

Signals February 24 2014

It has been a few weeks since we published our trade signals. Instead, positions we’ve opened/closed have been posted on our Alerts page. The long and short of the current market conditions is we have largely remained on the sidelines as our signals have been neutral for some time. However, I am finally starting to see opportunities for swing trades which are outlined in […]



Signals January 24 2014

Most markets have been whipsawing up and down throughout January so we have mostly been watching and keeping risk off the table. Equities gapped lower at the open this morning so we are not too interested in jumping right in. Check the Alerts page as any trades open will posted there. We did close a couple of positions in the […]


Signals December 2, 2013

Historically December is a bullish month but the real question is will this December be different? Considering the YTD equity market performance and rally since last December it is going to take some institutional buying to power prices much higher in the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, and DJIA. Our indicators are actually signaling institutional distribution. Also, Washington will back in […]

Holiday Schedule

I wanted to take a quick moment to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Also, please be advised that there will be no posts made to the site until next week… December 2nd.  We have no positions opened and will wait until the shortened trading week passes before initiating new positions.


Signals November 12 2013

We’ve closed a few decent trades this week but are taking some heat in our long Wheat position. However, our signals suggest a near-term bottom is close to forming and professional sentiment is rising as commercial traders want to take advantage of low prices. A snapback rally could appear at any time. We are also triggered […]